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About Intupod


Intupod provides solutions for simple, functional, high quality, cost effective, multi-use living spaces.

Our Approach

At Intupod, we are committed to designing, manufacturing and supplying the highest quality, multi-use pods.


Intupod's experienced team work will work with you to fully understand your project requirements and to create pods which meet your specific accommodation or space needs.


Our pods are manufactured in Northern Ireland and supplied throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.


They can be used to create additional tourism, accommodation, leisure, office and event space in a wide range of locations including hotels, golf courses, tourist attractions, campsites, holiday villages, farms or even in your own garden.

High quality, multi-purpose pods

For tourism, accommodation, leisure, office, & event space

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Intupod pods are made from aluminium and the highest quality poly-based materials.

The Intupod Team

  • Philip Haines

    Philip Haines

    Workshop Manager

  • Cate Murdock

    Cate Murdock

    Business Development Manager

  • Claire Smyth

    Claire Smyth

    Marketing Manager

  • Grace McKenna

    Grace McKenna

    Marketing Co-ordinator

  • Jemma Dowie

    Jemma Dowie

    Finance Officer

  • Peter Farquharson

    Peter Farquharson

    Managing Director

  • David Maxwell

    David Maxwell

    Commercial Director

  • Justin Reid

    Justin Reid

    Technical Director

Intupod brings together a diverse and experienced professional team from the construction, manufacturing and NGO sector. This includes high-performance architectural wall cladding systems, bespoke timber frame housing innovation, international project and program management, business and financial expertise.