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5 reasons we use birch plywood

The internal walls of our pods can be finished in either a painted plywood or lacquered birch plywood.

Birch is a popular fine-grained wood that makes high quality plywood.

Here are 5 reasons why we use it for the internal walls of our pods – 

Aesthetic Advantage

Birch plywood allows you to customise the end product as per your wishes; you can leave it untreated or have it stained.

It can also be worked and smoothed over, or it can be left as it is.

Birch plywood has a nice, rich sheen, and it gives the end product an elegant finish.


Birch plywood is known for its durability.

The process of forming the birch plywood reinforces the strength of the original piece of wood.

Birch plywood is formed by layering up three or more layers of birch. This adds a great amount of stability and strength to the plywood.

Competitive Pricing

Another reason we use birch plywood is because it is good to look at, safe and strong without being too expensive.


Birch plywood doesn’t have many knots or jagged edges. Its smooth and not known to splinter or crack.

It also produces fewer harmful chemical emissions than MDF.

Environmental Advantage

There is no destruction or disruption of biodiversity when birch is felled.

This renewable source will have little impact on the environment. It is a much better use of wood resources than solid wood.

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