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5 Uses for Pods

5 Uses for Pods

Holiday Accommodation

Not surprisingly the largest number of enquiries we are receiving are from existing holiday accommodation providers.

We are also getting a large number of enquiries from landowners wishing to diversify by adding an additional income stream in the form of holiday accommodation.

Our pods are perfect for holiday accommodation.

They are constructed quickly, easily transported and installed.

Intupod pods are constructed using an aluminium outer skin and the highest quality poly-based materials for exceptional strength, durability and a long life-span.

They require minimum ongoing maintenance.

With two and four bed options, including a washroom they create an accommodation experience that will suit a wide range of visitors from families to couples.

Garden Pods

Intupod pods would be a great addition to any garden.

They are a quirky, fun alternative to the conventional garden shed.

The pods can be finished to your colour specification, allowing them to fit in well with existing homes and landscapes.

Measuring 6.0 x 3.6 m – the space can be used for multiple purposes.

Kids play area, Dad’s den or Mum’s hideaway. They could also be used for guest space for visiting grandparents.

Office Pods

Our pods will bring the wow factor to any office space. Already this year, we have received a steady stream of enquiries for pods to be used as office space.

Their beautiful curved interior and oak lined finish will definitely get the creative juices following for anyone using an Intupod pod as office space.

The pod will perform thermally all year round with a U-Value of 0.30 helping keep heating bills down.

Event or Exhibition SpaceĀ 

We were delighted that Fanad Head Lighthouse chose our pods to add additional visitor attraction space to their existing venue.

The pod space is located on the site of an old tanker that was used to fuel the helicopter based at the lighthouse.

Finished slightly differently to our standard pod. This pod has two ‘flat ends’ allowing a free flow of visitors through the pod.

This project clearly demonstrates the multi-purpose uses of Intupods.

The pod meets all health and safety regulations required by venues open to the public.

We would love the opportunity to speak to you about your event or exhibition space plans.

Community Space

An exciting enquiry for us involves creating community space for groups who meet regularly at council run amenities.

The groups range from walking, running and cycling groups. As well as those involved in conservation and volunteering in the local area.

Our pods would be used to create a central point to meet, store belongings and equipment, use bathroom or shower facilities or even prepare snacks and hot drinks.

Easy to maintain and install, our pods are a great space creating solution for such activities.

To register for our future information events sign up here.

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