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Five reasons why Staycations are the best

Five reasons why Staycations are the best.

If you’re unsure about going on a staycation then this post is for you, take a look at our 5 reasons why we think staycations are the best type of holiday..

You’ll save money

You will no longer need to look at buying tickets for flights. All you have to do is get into the car and drive. Staying local can cuts transport costs, leaving money in your pocket that can be used for more fun or saved for longer trips in the future.

You’ll find some Hidden Gems

Get out there and see some of the beautiful scenery and lovely coastal towns in your home country.

Its easier to travel with children

If you have children a staycation will be a lot easier when it comes to traveling. You wont have to stress about trying to get the whole family through the airport and instead enjoy a less stressful car journey.

You’ll reduce travel time

Usually you will only have to be in the car or public transport for a few hours to get to your destination.

You’ll support your local economy

The money you’ll be spending on your staycation will go right back to your local area and local businesses.