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Glamping Essentials: What to take glamping?

Glamping Essentials: What to take glamping?

If you’re new to ‘glamping’ you’ll want to know what to bring with you.

By it’s very name glamping is glamorous camping so although there is no need for some of the essentials associated with traditional camping, a tent being the most obvious…

There are still a few key items you should bring with you to make sure you really enjoy your glamping experience.

Wellies or walking boots are a must. You’ll find a fantastic selection at Go Outdoors.

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Good socks. We recommend marino wool socks, not only will they keep your feet warm, they’ll protect them from blisters and rubbing. Look out for a pair that are at least 50% merino wool and be prepared to pay a little bit extra. They are definitely worth the money.

Picnic Blanket. To enjoy a true outdoors experience, a picnic is a must. There might not be any picnic benches available and you’re unlikely to want to carry camping chairs on a long walk or hike.

So a good picnic blanket is the next best thing. Make sure to get one with a waterproof back, even after a warm spell the ground can still be damp.

We love the National Trust’s version available to buy here for £35.00.

Photo Credit: National Trust 

Picnic Basket. A good picnic basket is well worth the investment. Not just for glamping, but for romantic days out and family fun as well. We prefer the rucksack options which are easier to carry when off the beaten track.

Check out this luxury version priced at £47.99 available at Picnicware. Or if you’re on a budget this version from Trespass at £15.99 is a bargain buy.

Photo credit: Trespass


OK so our final suggestion might not be our most popular but Zip Off Walking Trousers are a glamping essential.

You’re not going to get win any fashion awards but they’re practical and versatile.

With three leg lengths, full length, capri and shorts – they are perfect for all weathers especially if you’re going to areas where you’re likely to experience all the seasons in one day.

They are usually made from materials that dry very easily, are comfortable and allow for easy movement.

Go on give them a try!

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