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Glamping – love it or hate it?

It seems like ‘glamping’ evokes a bit of a marmite response!

Glamping…..You either love it or you hate it.

We’re running a poll on our Facebook page to test this theory!

Many report loving it – a much more affordable alternative to self-catering and hotels, an opportunity to get closer to nature with all the added benefits of the activities and services available in lots of holiday parks across the country.

No pitching tents or hooking up caravans to worry about either.

While others tell us they hated it – finding it cramped, uncomfortable and lacking in home comforts such as washroom and toilet facilities.

We believe that Intupod pods offer holiday park owners, wedding venues and golf clubs the opportunity to provide additional, unique accommodation creating the pod experience with a luxury feel.

Enhancing the experience of those who already love it, while encouraging those who say they hate it to give it another go.

At 3.6m wide by 6m long are pods provide a excellent space – cosy not cramped.

Intupod Bedroom Pod
Intupod Bedroom Pod

Our pods are fitted out with a full height shower, flushing toilet and washbasin – perfect for those who like their home comforts.

With insulation at a U.Value of 0.30, the same standard as a new build house – they are warm all year round.

With either a double bed or double bed and full length bunk beds – our pods can guarantee a good night’s sleep for the whole family.

With ample electrics sockets – its easy to keep all phones and tablets fully charged.

If you are an accommodation provider interested in providing a unique and luxury pod accommodation experience for your guests check out some of our latests projects below.

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