Glamping Pods - How To Start Glamping Business On Farms
Back to blog 21 February 2017

Glamping Pods – Make extra income from your land

How to start a glamping business on your farm

Glamping (glamourous camping) is a fast growing part of the leisure and tourism industry. It’s perfect for those who want to experience nature and enjoy the escapism of camping, but who want some of the luxuries associated with apartments or hotels. 2017 is set to be a huge year for glamping and if you’re a farmer or landowner, you should consider starting a glamping pod business on your land.

Intupod work with farmers and landowners who want to start their own glamping business. Our glamping pods provide perfect accommodation solutions and we know just what’s involved in getting your business started, so we’ve put together some top tips to help you take your first steps towards making money from your land with glamping pods.

1. Plan perfectly
Your glamping business, like any other, should begin with a business plan. Work out your initial investment, your running costs and know your sales targets. Also, double-check if you need planning permission. Gaining planning permission for glamping pod sites is much easier than for permanent structures, but it’s always best to be safe, so check with your local council.

2. Offer something special
There’ll be competition from campsites, caravan sites and even holiday cottages, so what can you offer that’s different? Glamping pods from Intupod are unique and can be fitted out to any specification. Think about every aspect of your accommodation, the location and your service. Then you’ll not only attract new customers, but they’ll come back again and again.

3. Look at your marketing
If you’re not comfortable or familiar with marketing, bring in someone who is. Good branding and clever marketing can really help your new business take off. Having a strong brand, a user-friendly website and knowing how to use social media are all important when starting and running any business today. Marketing is an investment. Get it right and you’ll see the results in your sales.

4. Put your customers first
While location, the standard of the accommodation and your marketing are all very important, providing great customer service is vital for your business to thrive. Go the extra mile for your customers. People appreciate and remember great service, so set out to exceed expectations rather than simply meet them. Not only will your customers return, but they’re sure to recommend you to others.

5. Think long term
A glamping business really is a marathon, not a sprint. It may take a while to see a return on your investment, but get the basics right and your business will grow along with your reputation, giving you a considerable and consistent income for many years to come.

At Intupod we offer glamping pods in three sizes, each with a number of superb features as standard. We also supply bespoke glamping pods designed to your own specifications, so to discuss your requirements or find out more, contact our team by phone or email. We’ll be delighted to help you and work with you to start your new glamping business.

Would you like to know more or request a brochure? Leave an enquiry and we’ll be in touch soon.