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The best places to start a glamping business in the UK

If you’re thinking about starting your own glamping business, you couldn’t have chosen a better time to start. Glamping businesses are huge in the UK, with more and more people choosing to camp in style than ever before. When you’re glamping, you swap the hassle of traditional camping for a more luxurious and glamorous experience. Intupod have a great range of glamping pods for sale, so if you think this is the perfect business for you, check out our range of glamping pods online and discover some of best places in the UK to start a popular glamping business below:

Causeway Coastal Route
One of the most popular coastal drives in the world is the Causeway Coastal Route, which starts in Belfast and runs through the rugged Antrim Coast before coming to an end in Derry/Londonderry. Starting a glamping business at a popular point near the Causeway Coastal Route is a great idea and a superb investment. Thousands of people embark on this scenic drive each year and most prefer to stay overnight in certain areas along the way. This includes staying close to Carnfunnock Country Park, the Glens of Antrim and The Dark Hedges etc. Starting a glamping business along the Antrim and Causeway Coast means you’ll always have enthusiastic customers headed your way.

People who love glamping want to experience the authenticity of camping outdoors without the fuss. Setting up a glamping business in Cornwall is a good decision since the area’s exceptional beauty and charming nature makes it a popular tourist destination. Nestled in south-west England, Cornwall is home to long stretches of wild moorlands, sandy beaches and a number of quaint harbour villages.

For stunning views and an endless line-up of ancient castles, jagged coastlines and lush forests, there’s no better place to embark on a new glamping business than County Donegal. Guests will love exploring the Glenveagh National Park before returning to their glamping pod for a nice cup of tea in the afternoon. It’s a great location for residents coming from both the north and the south, as there’s something here to suit every style, taste and budget. Your business will be able to cater to all walks of life, providing the perfect glamping experience surrounded by lakes, mountains and beautiful scenery.

Located in south-west England, Devon is famous for its glorious beaches, medieval towns, moorland national parks and unique fossil cliffs. It’s the perfect destination for a glamping business because it’s already hugely popular with campers and eager tourists. There’s plenty to see and do here, especially along the northern Exmoor Coast, where you’ll find fossils and unique rock formations around every turn.
Glamping pods for sale
Wherever you decide to start up your glamping business, our stylish, bespoke, low-maintenance and easily constructed pods offer the perfect accommodation solution. You can find out more about our glamping pods for sale here or contact us to request a brochure.