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A Sneak Peak of the Mountain Pod

When one of our customers approached us with their innovative idea to have a bespoke mountain pod buried in the heart of the Donegal mountains, we thought it was inspired. Something like that was previously unheard of. Yes, we’ve all seen The Lord of the Rings and imagined what it would be like to live in a hobbit home, but making something like that a reality required more than just imaginative writing. It required careful planning, bespoke design and a team of experienced and dedicated professionals to see it through. All of which, we have in abundance here at Intupod.

It’s named the ‘Mountain Pod’ because it’s buried in the Donegal mountains. Surrounded by the charming beauty of this wonderful location, the pod offers a unique and unforgettable experience for anyone lucky enough to step inside.
The structure has been designed to withstand six inches of saturated soil. In addition to this, it can also take a heavy snow load. This is crucial for a Mountain Pod since you never know what the Irish weather will bring from one season to the next. The pod will perform thermally all year round with a U-Value of 0.30. This is the same requirements as a home built to current building regulations. The pod requires very little maintenance throughout the year, saving valuable time and money by eliminating the recurring cost of maintaining poorer quality pods. Our glamping and office pods are made from the highest quality poly-based materials, providing exceptional strength, durability and a long lifespan.

As glamping pods manufacturers, we wanted to make sure the ‘Mountain Pod’ received enough natural light. As you can imagine, this wasn’t as easy as installing a few extra windows since the pod would be buried underneath the earth’s soil. Instead, we used innovative thinking and simple design to introduce natural light using a sun tube at the back of the pod. This ensures that the pod receives enough daylight, providing a more welcoming and homely feel to the room.

Ventilation within the pod will mitigate any condensation build up, which is normally associated with many types of pods. As with all our glamping pods, the Mountain Pod has been built with current building standards in mind. It’s effectively a ‘room from home’ and the base construction is insulated, rigid and robust.mountain-pod-7

If you fancy your very own pod for an outdoor office, or are thinking of starting a glamping business and are looking for glamping pods manufacturers, you can check out our pod range here, or get in touch to request a brochure.

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