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Pod Accommodation – Why diversify?

It is often reported in the media that farming is not as profitable as it once was in the UK and Ireland, pod accommodation may be the answer.

As a result farmers and landowners are seeking ways to branch out from their traditional farming activities to bring additional income into their farm.

One option is as an accommodation provider to visiting tourists in their area.

Traditionally, as bed and breakfast accommodation in the existing farmhouse or by renovating existing farm buildings to create self-catering facilities.

A new option, which might fit the bill for many farmers is to provide in the form of Intupod pods.

If you are interested in diversification, there are many advantages to pod accommodation –

– Our pods are made of aluminium so are low-maintenance
– They can create a 5* accommodation experience allowing you to set a profitable room rate
– The pods can be sited on almost any flat area requiring minimal land preparation

Are you a farmer or landowner that –

– Has under-utilized land that offers a superb view of the countryside?
– Lives in an area with a tourist accommodation shortage or is a tourism hotspot?
– Is passionate about providing a unique and luxury accommodation experience to visitors to your area?
– Knows the history and folklore of your area?

Then it could just be that diversification in the form of pod accommodation provision is the perfect opportunity to generate additional income.

If you are interested in providing accommodation please get touch to speak to a member of our project development team.

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