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How an Intupod pod can create a winter glamping site

Winter glamping!

The traditional camping period runs from April through to September.

With camping and glamping sites reporting July and August to be their busiest  months for obvious reasons.

A small percentage of campers still like to camp during the winter months including December and January.

However, the opportunities can be limited due to the ground conditions.

For those of us not keen on braving the elements to be at one with nature, hotels and guesthouses often offer great off-peak deals making it possible to take a much welcomed winter break.

Intupod pods offer accommodation providers a unique opportunity to expand their accommodation provision and meet the needs of both those who like their home comforts and those who value being as close to nature as possible.

Our pods are insulated to the same level as a new build home, making them cosy and warm even in the harshest of weather conditions.

With the option of a fully glazed front, guests can still enjoy the scenery of the site.

Inverness Glamping added fire pit at their site giving guests the opportunity to sit outside on those dry but chilly winter nights.

Intupod pods are fitted out with a washroom including full height shower and flushing toilet.

No need to head out in to the cold and wet to use the shared washroom facilities for your camping guests, while hotel guests will be met with the same level of facilities they would expect in a traditional hotel or guesthouse offering.

Our 2 bedroom pod can be fitted out with a small kitchenette area, perfect for couples who want to spend time together.

Or if your site is located in an area with lots of family friendly outdoor activities why not fit your pod out as a 4 bed – including bunkbeds and double bed.

So whether you have an existing campsite or a guest house or hotel why not consider increasing your accommodation provision with a unique new offering – winter glamping at Intupod.

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