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Back to blog 3 March 2017

Your brand new outdoor home office pod is here…

Across the UK, the way we work is changing. Many of us are swapping the long commute for a short walk across the lawn – which quite literally makes going to work a walk in the park! You can get to work the easy way too – for much less than you think…

If you’re one of those professionals who are freelance or field-based, working from home is both a blessing and a burden – if you don’t have a dedicated office space. And while renting is an option, it can be an expensive one. But there is a solution – and it’s not a desk crammed in the corner of the spare room.

A pod for the garden is the easy, hassle free way to create attractive office space that looks and feels comfortable – and makes you more efficient and productive. Plus, if you don’t mind mixing work with pleasure, you also have a multi-purpose garden room for those long summer days. That’s real return on investment!

Home Office

Our super-stylish pods are also designed to enhance your home and garden, offering flexible spaces that are also high on design values. And while all of our intupods can be fitted out to your specifications, you can expect all of the following basics to be included as standard:

LED lights – 2 internal and 1 external
Power points – 4 double sockets in floor
Sliding door 1600 x 2000mm
Hardwood cladded entrance exterior
Floor finish
Carbon Monoxide and fire alarms

So let’s get one perceived problem out of the way: you generally don’t need planning permission. Also, because the pods are pre-fabricated and don’t need foundations, they’re also quick and easy to install.

Pod One: Hard Working Office Space
Our smallest pod at 3.6m x 4.4m makes the most of every inch of space. So it feels roomy and welcoming. There’s more than enough room to fit a desk and seating, and it’s powered up with enough sockets to take care of your IT and charging needs. As with all of our pods, you can fit it out to suit your style – and we can help with that too! View Pod One.

Pod Two: Room to Grow Office
At 3.6 x 5m, this spacious pod has all the space you need for a busy office life. There’s room for all that paperwork and you really won’t mind having meetings here either. In fact, your customers, suppliers and partners will be more than impressed. View Pod Two.

Pod Three: Work in Space
At 3.6×5.5m. Pod Three is our ultimate home office space. You can configure it however you wish, with all that space usable for meetings or simply for stretching out. Perfect if you’re a creative, artist or draughtsperson who needs space to dream and think. View pod Three.

Bespoke Pods: Work it Your Way
As a pod supplier, we can help you to design the perfect workspace for you. Our expert team know and understand the possibilities, and will be able to advise on how best to create your perfect space with your budget in mind.
Get in touch or request a brochure – we’d love to help you discover your dream home office!