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Pod Holidays: My Intupod Experience

Pod Holidays: Jonny Laverty and his wife Lauren recently visited Intupod’s very first pod installation called the Cropod located in Glencolmkille, Donegal.

Cropod is owned by Greg Stevenson and available to rent at www.underthethatch.co.uk/cropod

Jonny shared his experiences of staying at the pod with us.

Here’s what he thought…

What did you think about the location of the pod?

The location of the pod was incredible, it was a long way off the beaten track and it felt like we were completely in the middle of nowhere, but that’s exactly what we wanted.

We got there without making a wrong turn, thanks to the directions provided on Airbnb.

The Cropod was located right on the edge of a large lake which made for an amazing view for breakfast!

Did you enjoy the scenery/remoteness of the location of the pod?

Yes, it was a great experience to just head out into the middle of nowhere, no wifi and no 4G!

Thankfully we were still able to make a cup of tea.

We even woke up with a sheep on our roof which made for a great photograph.

We arrived late at night so it was only the next morning when we really got to appreciate the scenery around us, worth the wait.

How did you send your time during your stay at the Cropod?

We went for a nice walk and explored the local countryside, the abandoned famine village nearby called “Port” was particularly interesting and very scenic.

When it got dark we cosied up and watched one of a selection of movies provided by the host.

What did you enjoy the most about the pod experience?

The adventure of leaving Belfast and heading to easily the most remote part of Ireland I have ever visited. Usually this would require packing a tent and waking up in the cold and damp.

To have such a luxury glamping experience and still have the thrill of being in the middle of nowhere was perfect.

Did staying in the Cropod live up to your expectations?

Yes it did, it provided us with the adventure of heading into the unknown but with all of the bells and whistles to go with it.

We had hot showers, cooking facilities and even a TV for a movie later in the evening.

How did you find the facilities?

The pod is well designed and utilises space brilliantly.

It had everything we needed, cooking facilities, hot showers, a dining area, an area to sit and read in the afternoon and a large double bed.

The front of the pod is made of glass which made a great use of the natural light during the day.

Would you stay in an Intupod pod again?

Yes definitely the best glamping experience I have had.

A great way to experience a new part of the world without the trappings of tents and outdoor gear, whilst also giving the same sense of freedom a B&B can’t provide.

If you are interested in expanding your existing holiday letting accommodation provision or diversifying by adding accommodation to your land – email us info@intupod.com to find out more.