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Pros and cons of a pet friendly glamping site

Pros and cons of a pet friendly glamping site

The demand for dog-friendly accommodation continues to grow as more people choose to holiday within the UK.

Owning a pet-friendly glamping site can very appealing and help boost occupancy.


Wider Market Appeal

By allowing animals to stay at your glamping site you can appeal to a larger target market.

Maximised Profits

Holiday makers are happy to pay extra for pet-friendly accommodation. Lots of people hate to leave their pets at home so they are willing to pay that extra bit to take their pets with them.

Better Feedback

If a pet owner is impressed with the experience they will come back and spread the word to other travellers looking for pet friendly accommodation.

Happy clients also equal higher satisfaction rating and feedback. These positive reviews will, in turn, generate more bookings for your glamping site in the future.



People who have pet allergies might be put off staying at your glamping site.

Scooping the Poop

You may discover that not all of your guests clear up as well as they should after their pets. Leaving you with a unpleasant job and possibly an unpleasant experience for other guests staying at your site.


One negative side of allowing pets to stay is that they may be quite loud and cause noise disturbance for other guests in the glamping site.

Nobody wants to be kept all night because of loud barking.


Not all animals are angels so it would be best to minimise furniture to limit any damage costs. You could also choose not to allow animals inside your accommodation.

It’s important to weight up the pros and cons on whether or not offer pet friendly glamping facilities.

As a nation of animal lovers with over 45% of the UK population owning a pet and 20% of the Irish population owning a dog there is definitely a need for pet friendly glamping sites.

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