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Rural Development Programme – Last chance…

Do you live in a rural area within the Causeway Coast / Glens Borough and own an existing business wishing to expand or have an exciting new business idea?

Then you might be interested to know that the NI Rural Development Programme 2014-2020’s Rural Business Investment Scheme will open for applications in January 2018.

But you have to be quick, individuals and businesses wishing to apply must submit an expression of interest form and attend a mandatory Funding Workshop.

The workshops are being held this week, so there is still time to be involved.

The Rural Business Investment Scheme is seeking to support the creation and development of micro and and small enterprises engaging in non-agricultural activities (including farm diversification and private tourism businesses) in rural areas within the Causeway Coast and Glens borough.

The main objective of the scheme is job creation, either through an existing business expansion into a new activity or new business start-up.

Projects that could be supported include (this list is not definitive):

• Rural tourism activities including some types of accommodation and tourism service provision
• Development of craft and handicraft activities
• Construction and related services in production and/or processing of non-agricultural goods and materials
• Social service provision such as childcare, eldercare, healthcare, care for disabled, educational farms
• Investment in leisure, recreation and sport activities as an economic activity (project must fit with DCAL’s investment strategy on sport)
• IT activities including computer-based and electronic activities and e-commerce
• Provision of services including Architectural, Engineering, Accounting, Technical services

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