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Rural Diversification: How Intupod can help…

Taking the first step in to rural diversification can involve a huge leap of faith.

If you have decided to provide holiday accommodation – it’s very likely to be unknown territory to you, your family, your employees and your business partners.

It can feel daunting and probably a little bit frightening.

Here at Intupod, we can provide a wide range of advice and support to help you on your rural diversification journey.

Especially if you would like to create a luxury accommodation experience.

Our service begins at the very outset of any project.

Initially, our team will schedule a call with you to discuss your initial plans, learn more about your location and the type of accommodation you are thinking of providing.

This will usually be followed up with a meeting at a time and location that suits you.

Ideally onsite, as this gives the Intupod team an opportunity to view the proposed site and get a proper feel for what you have in mind.

The success of any project lies in the planning and for Intupod a key element of this is research.

We don’t make assumptions that just because a site worked somewhere similar that it will for you too.

We can undertake a feasibility study of your project this will involve looking at the accommodation demand in the area, the types of offering, the costs and the facilities provided.

We will consider the unique selling points of your venue and help you develop a guest experience that will exceed your target audiences expectations.

This can help you demonstrate a successful business plan when financing your project and support making decisions around which pods to choose – for example 2 bed or 4 bed options, where to site them and the holiday experience you plan to provide.

Completing a Planning and Change of Use application can take time and can prove to be a huge hurdle for some.

The team at Intupod can provide Planning guidance if required.

We can also provide consultancy on electrical installation, waste management and water supply.

Intupod offer various financing options on all of our pod options.

Our joint venture model brings with it a host of added benefits including reduced risk, servicing and maintenance, offline and online marketing support and an online booking portal.

We’re so much more than a pod manufacturer.

We will be as excited as you are about your rural diversification project and can help guide you through the various pitfalls and help you make the very best choices.

We would love to hear about your rural diversification project and how we could potentially support you in the future.

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