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Tourism in Northern Ireland

It was estimated last year that tourism in Northern Ireland brought in 1million locals that stayed in Northern Ireland for one night or more for holiday purposes and spent an average of £50 per night. Whilst caravanning and camping figures in Northern Ireland have dropped, the amount of nights stayed in B&B’s, guesthouses and farmhouses have significantly increased.

Glamping Pods give local tourism facilities /campsites/ national trust properties opportunity to diversify revenues for tourism in Northern Ireland. Pods are able to bridge the accommodation gap between traditional camping, Airbnb and B&B, providing extra comfort, at a lower price point, in unique outdoor locations.

There were 1 million overseas visitors to NI from January – September 2015   they spent an estimated £268 million. Most overseas visitors to NI are from GB and North America where Glamping is more commonplace and well established. With increasing overseas tourism opportunities local businesses are eager to provide unique and specialist packages to attract outdoor activity groups e.g. surfers, golfers, cyclists. These types of partnerships present real opportunities for glamping facility providers.

Pods allow for year round affordable accommodation, they serve to extend the season and therefore can be the catalyst for generating increased and year round income. Check out our pod gallery here.

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