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Unique & quirky pods: Why start a glamping site?

Unique & quirky pods: Why start a glamping site?

As Intupod has travelled across Ireland delivering information sessions on our Joint Venture model for pod accommodation, we have met people at different stages of their developing their future glamping site business.

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For some, it’s been a life-long dream, for others it’s a more recent idea that they continue to work on and develop.

One common denominator between the two is a want to share the beauty of the place that live in and enjoy on a daily basis with visitors to Ireland, while increasing their income in a fun and enjoyable way.

They have recognised the shortage of unique, high quality visitor accommodation within Ireland and the opportunity that offers.

Why start a glamping site?

Here are just a few of the reasons we have heard on why landowners want to start a glamping business –

‘Income from farming is just too unstable and there is a definite downward trend, we need to find new ways to stabilise our revenue from the land we own.’

This a very common reason that we have heard time and time again.

For various reasons the income generated from farming is on a downward trend.

Many landowners who have traditionally made their living from livestock and the land are seeking alternative ways to generate a more consistent income for their families.

‘There is a definite demand for more accommodation in my area.’

Our Joint Venture model has a base case of 50% occupancy at £100 per pod per night.

We are actively seeking locations that can achieve this and beyond.

It is reassuring for us when we meet landowners who are experiencing tourists regularly calling at their homes enquiring about B&B, camping or self-catering accommodation.

‘A future for my family in their home town or village.’

For many families living in more remote areas of Ireland, future job prospects for young people are limited resulting in a move to larger towns or cities often quite a distance away.

Many landowners are seeking ways of creating businesses that will allow their children to continue living nearby while making a good living.

‘The land is good for nothing else.’

It might not be good for farming but it could be perfect for glamping!

Some of the most stunning sites we have been to visit have been unsuitable for any type of farming and currently sit unused generating no income or even costing landowners in terms of security and waste removal.

What are the challenges?

While there are many reasons to consider developing a glamping site, there are also challenges and hurdles to overcome.

It is these challenges that have encouraged landowners to consider a Joint Venture model and attend our information sessions.

The Joint Venture model includes:

  • Provision of quality pod accommodation in two or four bed options
  • Website & booking system
  • Ongoing marketing support
  • Ongoing tourism and visitor experience training
  • Opportunity to network with other pod accommodation site owners

By being part of a community of site providers, our Joint Venture model will enable you to maximise your income from accommodation in terms of occupancy rates and nightly rates.

As well as sharing experiences and knowledge on how to successfully up-sell through added value services and experiences from your fellow site providers.

For more information about our future Joint Venture Webinars and Information Sessions email info@intupod.com