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What makes a good host?

What makes a good host?

Here are 5 things that we think will help you become a better host:

Provide a welcoming space:

If you want to be the ultimate host, you need to be sure that you have prepared a cosy place. Clean, pressed bed linen is a must and some fresh flowers certainly won’t go amiss either.

Offer available value-added services:

Things like on-site or nearby parking, laundry facilities or being close to local shopping or restaurants are always a plus.

Put Together a Guest Information Packet:

Put together a guest information packet for your guests, full of all the information your guests may need when you’re not around—things like Wi-Fi passwords, emergency numbers and good places to eat and relax nearby.

Great Reviews:

Good reviews will make your business thrive. Reviews will determine whether you’re winning or losing in the world of tourism.

Communicate Before and During the Visit:

Before your guests even arrive at your home you should shoot them an email or call them and ask some basic questions. This will provide a good starting point for you and your guests to communicate.

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