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What to expect from our Joint Venture Information Sessions

What to expect from our Joint Venture Information Sessions?

We are currently holding a series of events around Ireland explaining our Joint Venture model to landowners interested in diversifying in to holiday accommodation.

With 4 events under our belt so far – in County Londonderry and County Wicklow, we are now heading to County Galway for another 4 events.

The events are scheduled for the afternoon and evening of the 22nd March and then the morning and afternoon of the 23rd March. They are available to book here…

Shearwater Hotel | Marina Point Ballinasloe Co. Galway Ireland | Ballinasloe | Ireland

I’m not sure if I should attend?

If you are a landowner and have thought about diversifying in to holiday accommodation in the past but don’t have the initial capital to get the business started why not come along and hear about how our Joint Venture model might be the perfect opportunity for you.

Do I need to stay for the whole session?

The event will begin with registration followed by a short presentation, were we will talk you through the features of the pods as well as the Joint Venture model in detail.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions in an open forum or meet individually with a member of our team.

You do not have to stay for the whole session but it is definitely worth being there at the beginning for the initial presentation and Q&A session.

I live too far away to attend?

If you live too far away to attend our information sessions then please get in touch and we will make alternative arrangements to speak to you. Email info@intupod.com

We will shortly be scheduling a webinar and plan to Facebook Live one of the sessions from County Galway so keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information.

Will you have a pod at the sessions?

We will not have a pod on display. Our pods are 3.6m x 6.6m and require a wide load lorry and escort for transportation, and it is just not possible to transport pods to all of our JV information sessions at this time.

However, we will be able to demonstrate the size of the pods as well as show various internal and external images.

I’m interested, what are the next stages?

If after listening to the information provided you are interested in applying for our Joint Venture, then please complete the short expression of interest form which will be available on the day. We will then send you a two page application form.

Once you have completed and returned the application form, we will book a date to come and visit your site.

I’m not interested, what happens next?

Nothing, thank you for attending. We do not add the contact details of our event attendees to our mailing list unless requested. So you won’t hear from us again.

But do feel free to get in touch if your situation changes or you wish to re-consider the opportunity.

See our opportunities page here.