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Why is glamping better than camping?

Glamping has become a growing new trend and is the glamorous sister holiday to traditional camping. Here are a few suggestions as to why glamping could be the perfect outdoors holiday for you!

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No setting up
You don’t need to do all the work with glamping. Glamping is your best bet for a memorable camping experience. You can sit back, relax and enjoy being outdoors.

Glamping means real beds so that you can enjoy being outdoors and getting a good night’s sleep. They’re a lot more spacious than tents, so you and your travel companions have more room to move around. You’ll be treated with great hospitality and feel at home on holidays.

Unique Accommodation
There are many accommodations to choose from when glamping. Glamping brings you to places that hotels and resorts can’t. As soon as you walk out of your “room” you’re surrounded by nature. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

Outdoor Experience
The great outdoors is right outside your door; You’ll have a comfortable outdoor experience that the whole family will enjoy and never forget!

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