FAQs - Intupod


  • How are the bases of the pods constructed?

    The floors of our pods are constructed using 4×2 timber, 18mm marine plywood with rock wool insulation between the floor joists.

  • Do I need planning permission?

    Home Applications – Where pods are required for domestic use ancillary to the main dwelling (such as a home office) then planning permission is not required. However, you are advised to seek confirmation from the local planning authority.

    Business Applications – Unless your business is currently engaged in tourism related activities such as camping and caravaning, planning permission is required for the change of use of land to allow the siting of one or more pods for tourism use. If your are in doubt, we would advise you contact your local planning office.

  • Does my pod need a foundation?

    We simply require a flat, level base to work from.

  • What door/window options can you offer?

    Our standard pods come with a open out door and fully double glazed front.

  • What is the lead time for delivery?

    Our pods can be delivered to your site as soon as 8 weeks after your order is confirmed and signed off.

    Bespoke solutions may take longer.

  • How long will my pod take to install?

    Our pods will take 2 -3 hours to install upon arrival at your site.

  • Does my installation include connection to mains electricity supply?

    Our pods will be ready to connect in your mains supply – our clients are responsible for bringing the supply to the pod.

  • Will you travel to anywhere in the UK?

    Yes, Intupod deliver pods across the UK & Ireland – please speak to the team to discuss delivery options.

  • How do I maintain my pod?

    Intupod require very little maintenance. Due to the construction, it will only need cleaned, unlike timber based pods.

  • Can you make bespoke pods?

    Yes, please contact the team to discuss your requirements.